Monday, February 14, 2011

Basketball games

Lilian, Nichole and Caroline at Basketball game Kim, Abbey, and Todd watching

Abbey's purple flower Nichole's foul shot

Doing drills and playing a game

Getting the ball for a shot

The girl's basketball team is getting lots better than they were the first game. They have gotten more practice and are more aggressive. Too bad that the boys on their team don't really want to throw the ball to the girls, but the girls are lots better than the boys. Maybe that is why they don't throw the ball to them!

Monday, January 17, 2011

The trains at the hardware store in Blackstone

So many items in this train display

All nine grandchildren and they enjoyed the trains

Before New Years' Eve Party

Rosie as Princess

grandkids playing computer games, etc.

Rose and Tommy making noise for the New Year

Phil getting ready for New Years Not too excited as yet

Ben is waiting for New Years'

Kids, again, playing games

The New Year arrived

Paula, Fred and Ben waiting for New Years'

JoAnn and Rosie and Tommy. They stayed up to welcome in the New Year and then some.

The young ones ran around banging pots and pans at midnight. Wonder if the neighbors were awake? Not after this.

I will have to do another blog shortly, since I have lots more pictures. I have tried several times to blog, but was not able to do so. I also realized looking through the blog, before printing, that the information is not where it is supposed to be. URRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHH.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Thanksgiving in Ohio

Lily, Rosie, and Tommy jumping on neighbor's trampoline. Reading book to rosie and Tommy.

To the tree farm. Beautiful lake there.

Lily picked out tree, everyone helped to saw it.

I was glad to be in their Tree Cutting Tradition.

Everyone PULL.

It's a long way back to the car.

Phil got it secured on top of the van.

The bare tree had to have the top cut off.

Everyone had fun decorating the Christmas Tree.

I had a wonderful trip up to Ohio for Thanksgiving and have lots of memories, and gave the grandkids lots of memories, too.
Todd came home from base last night, and he lit the gas fireplace in the sun porch, and also got my Christmas decorations out of the attic. Now, I have to get it up. I imagine that I can get two grand daughters to help me.
I will blog more later. I put the sentences over the right pictures, but then it comes out messed up when I preview it.
Maybe next time, it will come out correctly.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The wood burner from two different angles

From old TV cabinet to newly painted one.

Two pictures that I bought at the "Station"

The regular pictures by the door to the sunroom.
The big picture is the new one from the "Station"
The one on the right is the one Todd air-brushed for my mom in 1992. The matting of the two pictures match.

I STILL love the new settee. It looks nice and casual--and different

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fred is #34 Pete is #20

Paula, Fred, and Gram after winning game

Bree and Fred before dance

Pictures to be hung up
one area of room, already painted

The Fulton boys plus Zack--had been in the poke berry bush Thankfully, it did wash off.

Before the painting

The settee and pillows. Didn't have pictures hung for this picture.

Just wanted to get a blog done and show you the highlights. Last time I tried to blog, nothing happened. Will try again, maybe soon!